Kim Kardashian West Launches Kimono


We are all about uplifting and celebrating women/people creating positive change here at La Norme Beauty, so when we heard the news that Kim Kardashian West was launching a new shape-wear brand called Kimono (more on the name later), we were intrigued. The first campaign images were released along with the news that the shape-wear would come in 9 shades to suit different skin tones, with a range in sizes of XXS-4XL. This is great: recognising that everyone's shade of nude is different. The styles the shape-wear comes in is innovative - it’s shape-wear designed for dresses with high slits is, frankly, genius. 

Now we’ve got that out of the way, let's talk about the not-so-great parts surrounding this launch. Would it even be a Kardashian/Jenner brand if it didn't come with some controversy? To be fair, the general public does get a kick out of bashing this family, even on the rare occasion that it’s not warranted. Unfortunately on this occasion, it kinda is. Let's start with the fact that the first campaign images although very beautiful, didn't include a variety of women with different body types. The brand's sizes go up to a 4XL, so show us women in that size*. 

Deep sigh… the brand's name is Kimono. Yes, like the traditional Japanese garment Kimono. Kim, we understand that you thought it was a cute play on your name but did you not count how this could be seen as being wrong on so many levels? There are so many other names that could've been used like Klose or Kim Wear, for example. (Kim, you can have those on us, if you like).



There are now reports that Kim has filed a bunch of trademarks for the word "kimono" which would allow only her to sell a range of products under the name kimonos?! This could eventually cause a problem if, say, an authentic Japanese brand uses the world "kimono" in their branding to sell products in America in the future.

It would be great if she could change the name, it would have been even better if she hadn’t chosen this name in the first place.

All of the right ingredients were, and are, still there, from the different styles to the different shades the shape-wear comes in (*BREAKING NEWS: they’ve now actually posted models in the larger sizes). This could've been a really exciting and innovative launch so why did she have to add a giant dash of cultural insensitivity all over it? 

Side note - the campaign images were sort of giving off Yeezy vibes. Speaking of Kanye West aka Yeezy, Kim stated on her Twitter that her husband designed the brand's logo. The logo is interesting, doesn't really match the aesthetic in the images we've seen but that's probably what Kanye was going for.

Written by Tomi Otekunrin

Tomi is a writer, marketer and beauty enthusiast. She enjoys writing about women that are changing the game and is particularly interested in discussing inclusion and mental health. Her previous writing credits include No Basic Girls Allowed and British Glamour. We’re happy to add Tomi’s voice to La Norme Beauty!
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